Seth’s style moves powerfully from the page to the stage.


A successful entrepreneur, Seth has channeled his passion for business to focus on one of the most vexing issues of our time. Recognized as a leading water activist and thinker, he has sparked a new level of consciousness on water issues in both affluent and developing countries. The problem is vast and growing.

Whether at conferences, community events or on college campuses, and in areas as diverse as engineering, policy, agriculture or business, Seth finds a way of bringing to life important, completely customized narratives that become personal to everyone present.

By force of intellect and a speaking style that blends some serious subjects with Seth’s humor (honed by years as a stand-up comic), audiences are engaged, entertained and sure to be speaking about his talks for long after.

Having had a varied professional career – from advertising copywriter to lawyer to marketing executive, and from co-founder of a financial services firm to producer of a renowned Broadway play to award-winning, bestselling author – Seth brings a perspective and empathy that connects him to his audiences from his first words to his last.



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